Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)

Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine (#HD60-1007)
Item #: HD60-1007

Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Product Overview:

If you're looking for a CPAP Machine that is small, light-weight, elegant on the nightstand and simple to use - then you're definitely going to pick the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine.

Here's why:

Auto CPAP: The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine is actually a straight CPAP and an Auto CPAP, being that it can be set as a single pressure CPAP as well, if desired.

Great for Home - Perfect for Travel: The Z1 Travel CPAP Machine is not just A small an light-weight CPAP Machine, it is THE lightest & smallest CPAP Machine in the world! Making it very comfortable to handle at home and perfect for travelers.

Measuring at only 6.5 by 3.3 by 2 inches (L x W x H) - it's tiny. It's approximately the same size as a small traveler water bottle. This sizing makes it small enough to take it along with you in bed, or fit into a backpack or a carry-on bag when traveling.

When traveling outside the US the Z1 will convert the voltage automatically so you can continue enjoying safe and comfortable sleep therapy wherever your next adventure takes you. (Plug adapter may be needed outside of North America.)

Z-Breathe Exhalation Relief: The Z1 includes the Z-Breathe comfort feature created with a proprietary algorithm to measure your breathing patterns, and then adjust the pressure to make your breathing easier. Z-Breathe learns from your breathing patterns, then gently raises and lowers therapy pressure to reduce the "pressure swing" caused by inhalations and exhalations during sleep.

Z-Breathe offers 3 Settings (download the latest Z1 Firmware update for full Z-Breathe functionality.)
  • Z-Breathe set to 1 = gently lowers pressure during exhalation
  • Z-Breathe set to 2 = moderately lowers pressure during exhalation
  • Z-Breathe set to 3 = greatly lowers pressure during exhalation

Nitelog App Data Recording: The Nitelog App logs all of your data, and gives you reports for the past day, week, and month. Just download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can view all your reports, and adjust machine settings like the Z-Breathe or Ramp feature. (Settings can also be adjusted directly on the Z1 machine).

You can have the app email the reports to you so it's very easy to check and store them.

Here's what the Data Report from Nitelog will include:
  • AH Count (pauses in breathing during the night)
  • AH Index or AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index)
  • Usage Hours
  • Leaks Detected
  • Average Pressure

Leak Compensation: This CPAP Machine will automatically adjust and account for leaks to give you the correct prescribed pressure you need. If the air leak is too excessive for automatic adjustments, the word "REMINDER" will be shown on the screen. Correct the leak to remove the word "REMINDER" from showing on the screen.

Ramp Pressure: Make it easy for you to fall asleep by starting with a lower pressure that gradually rises to your prescribed pressure over a period of up to 45 minutes. The machine can be set with or without a ramp time.

Operates Comfortably Quiet: Ranking as one of the quietest CPAP machines available on the market, the sound it makes measures only 26dBA. For a comparison - A fan set to LOW speed at 3 feet away measures at over 35dBA. You won't have any problems sleeping with the Z1 operating quietly on your nightstand.

(Optional) PowerShell and Battery - Cord Free Use: Whenever you're traveling, you know, the last thing you want to see is yet another cord. The good news about the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine is - it can be used with no cords, just a single battery and you're good to go. The Z1 PowerShell and Battery will turn your Z1 Auto from a plugged in and dependent device, into an independently wireless CPAP System.

This special feature makes the Z1 very ideal for traveling. Use the battery during the night, recharge it in the morning, and it will be ready for you the next night.

The battery completely integrates with the Z1 using the PowerShell design which holds both of them together. You can either use just the battery to run your machine, or you can set it up as a fail-safe in case of any power outages or interruptions.

Another great thing about the (Optional) PowerShell Battery to keep in mind is, if there's ever a power outage in the middle of the night - you will still be receiving your full CPAP treatment as normal. With the Z1 CPAP, you're no more dealing with messy cables, tripping over them in the darkness, or worrying about the power going out due to storms.

With the Z1 Auto CPAP and your PowerShell with Battery, you'll be able to get your full treatment completely independently.

The Z1 PowerShell also features a lanyard attached to it - giving you the comfort to conveniently hang up your Z1 and battery on your headboard, hook or any other place next to you.

Large LCD Display for Therapy Information: Whenever you want, you can easily turn on the screen and see all the information you need - from your pressure settings, how your ramp time is doing, the machine power status and even more. It has an integrated auto-off function - You can drift off to sleep and it'll automatically turn itself off.

Humidified Air Flow for Better Breathing: You've probably had instances where you slept all night with your A/C turned on, and wake up with a sore throat, dry mouth, and cracked lips.

This won't happen with the Z1 CPAP - it comes equipped with a HME Waterless Humidification Filter. What it does is, instead of having a big heavy container for water, it gathers up heat and moisture from your sleep therapy air and your exhalations - then it takes that humidity and adds it back to your inhalations, making sure your airways don't dry out during therapy. The Z1 is also compatible with some external heated humidifier options like the HC150 from Fisher & Paykel.

Universally Compatible With Any CPAP Mask: Inside the box together with the Z1, you'll also find a Universal Tube Adapter, along with a 48 inch slim tube. You can also switch out the tubing to whichever you prefer, whether it's just a longer tube, or special performance tubing that you need - it's compatible. Pick your favorite CPAP mask on the market, and you'll be able to use it with the Z1.

Software Updates for Better Performance: Since the Z1 comes equipped with an operating system - you're able to update the software whenever there's an improvement! Every once in a while, there's a new feature, or some performance refinements that make your experience with the Z1 smoother, and easier. All you'll need is a home computer that has internet access, and a USB cable. Software updates keep your Z1 performing at its optimal levels. Get the latest updates here!

Auto Altitude Adjustment: Built for travelers. No matter where you go, whether it's at sea level or up to 8,000 feet higher, this machine will automatically adjust itself for the correct pressure. It is even approved by the FAA for use on airplanes and will adjust automatically to an airplane's cabin pressure.

Z1 Travel CPAP Machine: Looking for a single-pressure version of the Z1? See the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine.

Z1 CPAP Software Instructions:

1. Once the software is installed, open the software on the computer.
2. Plug in the Z1 Auto Machine. Several screens will flash, ending in standby mode showing a display of "Pressure 0.0 cmh2O.
3. Using the included Micro USB Cable connect the Z1 Auto the the computer.
4. The "Sync with Device" option should then be offered and selected to view available data.
5. Please Note: Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5 is required to install and use this software. It can be downloaded here.

Advanced Features

Firmware Update:
A firmware update has been released for the Z1 Auto Machine. This firmware upgrade allows the Nitelog to be used with newer Android phones such as the Galaxy S6 and Note 5. There is also an update to the Z-Breathe pressure relief levels:
  • Setting 1 (smallest relief) has been adjusted to accommodate longer battery run times.
  • Setting 2 now provides stronger relief with reduced machine noise.
  • Setting 3 is unchanged and provides the largest relief.

To download and install the firmware, follow these steps:

1. The Z1 Data Recording Software must be downloaded and installed prior to updating the firmware. Please see instructions above regarding this software.
2. Sync the Z1 Auto using the Data Recording Software and save current data stored on the Z1 Machine so it is not lost during the firmware upgrade. After syncing disconnect the Z1 Machine from the PC.
3. Click here to download the firmware upgrade.
4. After the firmware is installed, connect the Z1 Auto Machine to the PC and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade process.

Please Note: This update is for the Z1 Auto only. This update should not be installed on the Z1 CPAP. The Z1 CPAP contains different firmware which could be damaged if the firmware for the Z1 Auto is installed.
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