What is a Suction Machine (Aspirator)?

Suction Machines, also called Aspirators are medical devices used to extract mucus and other fluids from an individual. It is used for a variety of purposes, including tracheal suctioning and clearing mucus from the mouth and throat. Secretions are displaced by suction catheters and yankauer tips through a tube and then collected into a suction canister. When using a suction device, you will place the suction catheter into a tracheostomy tube, endotracheal tube or directly in the oral cavity to remove the fluids.

Portable Suction Machines are lightweight and compact for ease of transport. Some Portable Suction Machines also come with the option for a rechargeable battery; this would make it one of the most important issues when choosing the right portable suction machine. If you think you’ll need to use your Suction Machine while not having access to a power supply, then the most important feature for your portable aspirator would be the rechargeable battery, which gives you the opportunity to use it while not in a car, house or building where there is a power supply. The portable aspirators have internal batteries that range from 45-70 minutes of use before needing to be recharged by a DC (car lighter adapter) or a wall outlet. However, if you’re sure you will always be using your suction machine in your home or facility and cost is an issue, then you should be considering using a standard suction machine which might be much less costly.

When buying a Suction Aspirator Machine you might also need a Suction Yankauer (not included with machine) or extra Suction Tubing, Suction Canisters or Bacteria Filters.

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