Kimberly-Clark provides globally branded products that help restore health for medical patients. Kimberly Clark is found in more than 150 countries. K-C Brands are trusted medical products that enhance the health, hygiene and well-being of a quarter of the world’s population. Well known Kimberly Clark Brands include Kleenex, Poise, Scott, Mic-Key, GoodNites, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex and Depend. Kimberly Clark also pioneers new medical products to better serve its global customers and keep pace with a changing world. Areas of clinical focus for Kimberly Clark include digestive health, infection protection, pain management and pneumonia prevention. Kimberly Clark seeks to provide medical solutions for prevention, diagnosis, and management of major medical issues that have a broad effect globally.

Kimberly-Clark Health Care offers essential medical products that help restore medical patients from crisis to better health and improved quality of life. Through a host of innovative medical devices and infection prevention products, Kimberly-Clark Health Care offers a range of solutions in digestive health, pain management, respiratory care, and medical supplies for the operating room. Kimberly Clark is also a global leader in education to prevent health care associated infections.

Kimberly Clark offers healthcare professionals better solutions to prevent, diagnose and manage important medical issues:
  • Healthcare-associated infections, with products such as Kimberly-Clark Endotracheal Tubes.
  • Incontinence Management with products such as Kimberly-Clark Incontinence Products.
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