Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)

Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator (#IRC5LX)
Item #: INV-IRC5LX

Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Product Overview:

The Invacare Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is an updated, intuitive home oxygen concentrator especially designed to reduce preventive routine maintenance. Thus, it has an extended lifespan and longer lasting compressor of up to 40%, reducing the lifecycle cost of the machine as you use it through time.

Adequate Flow Delivery

The Platinum XL 5-Liter Oxygen Concentrator has the capacity to provide a flow range of between 0.5 to 5 liters per minute (L/min) for standard adult patients, at 35 PSI outlet pressure. Thus, it provides a steady yet smooth flow of pure oxygen to the patient. This single home oxygen concentrator is also very versatile as it can also be used to provide oxygen to pediatric patients by connecting a separate pediatric flowmeter accessory that can deliver flow rates less than 1 L/min.

This particular oxygen concentrator also comes with intuitive alarms especially if the device is not producing adequate flow rates such that a rapid audible alarm beeping sets off once the machine senses that it is not producing the recommended flow range.

Optimal Purity of Oxygen
Aside from adequate flow delivery, the Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator also features the patented SensO2 Oxygen Purity Indicator. The SensO2 Oxygen Purity Indicator is particular feature of the oxygen concentrator monitors the purity of the oxygen that is generated by the machine. The machine has the ability to produce between 87% and 95.6% of pure Oxygen at all levels of flow rates. With the purity sensor, an alarm sets off once the machine senses that the quality of Oxygen generated is below the accepted threshold.

The high level of quality of pure Oxygen provided by this particular home oxygen concentrator is made possible by the different types of filters used by the machine. There are basically three types of filters used by this machine and these include the cabinet filters, compressor inlet filters, and outlet HEPA filters. These filters ensure that the Oxygen produced by the concentrator is not only free of dust and potential allergens but also air-borne bacteria and virus as well. Thus, the patients breathe not only pure but also safe Oxygen into their lungs.

Quiet Operation
The Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is also known as one of the quietest Stationary Oxygen Concentrators on the market. It only produces 50 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to the sound you hear in a quiet suburb. This means that this particular oxygen concentrator is perfect for bedside and nighttime operation, and will not disrupt the sleep of the patient. The quiet operation of this Home Oxygen Concentrator is due to the proprietary spring-mounted compressor used to operate the machine.

Invacare HomeFill Transfilling System Compatibility
Another great fact of the Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary (Home) Oxygen Concentrator is its compatibility with the Invacare HomeFill Transfilling System. In fact, the Invacare Platinum System is the only machine compatible with the Invacare HomeFill System, which allows you to use the oxygen concentrator to fill empty high-pressure cylinders with pure oxygen for personal use right at the convenient of your own home.

When using the HomeFill Transfilling System to fill an oxygen tank, the oxygen concentrator can be set to a maximum of 3 L/min.

Please note: It is crucial to use the right oxygen cylinders that are compatible with the HomeFill Unit, so please be sure to read the manual first before using the system.

Environmental Friendly and Mobile
The Platinum XL 5-Liter Concentrator measures a dimension of only 18 ¾ x 26 3/8 x 14 3/8 inches in diameter. Thus, this Home Oxygen Concentrator can fit anywhere in the house, even in tight spaces. It also features as well a very streamlined design, so the parts and components are kept out of harm’s way while moving the oxygen concentrator from one room to the other.

On the other hand, weighing only 52 pounds the Platinum XL 5-Liter Stationary (Home) Oxygen Concentrator is not only compact but also very lightweight. Because of its compact and lightweight built, moving this machine from one location to the other is very easy, comfortable and stress-free.

Other features that make this Stationary (Home) Oxygen Concentrator mobile are, the fact that it comes with four swivel feet. With the swivel feet, what only you need to do is, push the oxygen concentrator gently to the room where you need it to be. Aside from the swivel feet, it also comes with a top handle and bottom recesses so that you can carry it in case you need to take it up or down the stairs.

Reduced Routine Care and Maintenance

The upgraded Platinum XL 5-Liter Compressor allows the machine to last 40% longer than conventional compressors. This means that the home oxygen concentrator is designed to have minimized regular routine care and maintenance than other oxygen concentrators.

Minimum maintenance of the Platinum XL 5-Liter Oxygen Concentrator requires checking only the basic parts of the machine which are detachable, and these include the three types of filter mentioned earlier as well as the humidifier. Cleaning these detachable parts is very easy, and using warm soapy water and rinsing them afterward usually does the trick in removing dust from the filter.

Components are mostly found in the front center panel of the machine, making it very easy to locate all controls. Although some of the components are placed inside the machine, they can easily be accessed through a door. The side door access for the filter also allows you to look at the internal components of the machine.
  • Dimensions: 18-3/8"(W) x 26-3/8"(H) x 14-3/8"(D) 
  • Product Weight: 52 lbs. 
  • Shipping weight: 58 +/- 1 lb. 
  • Oxygen output concentration levels: 95.6% to 87% at all flow rates 
  • Flow range: 1/2 - 5L/min. 
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 5 PSI +/- 0.5 PSI 
  • Operating Flow Rate: 0.5 - 5 L/min 
  • Electrical requirements: 120VAC +/- 10% (132VAC / 108VAC); 60Hz 
  • Rated Current Input: 4.3 amps average @ 5L/min. 
  • Sound Level: 50 dB average 
  • Power: 390W 
  • Pressure relief mechanism operational: 35 PSI +/- 3.5 PSI 
  • Filters: Cabinet, outlet HEPA, Compressor inlet 
  • Altitude: Up to 6,000 ft. (1828 meters) above sea level without degradation of concentration levels. From 6,000 ft. (1828 meters) to 13,129 ft. (4000 meters) below90% efficiency 
  • Safety System: Current overload or line surge shutdown. High temperature compressor shutdown. High Pressure Alarm w/compressor shutdown. Low Pressure Alarm w/compressor shutdown. Battery Free Power Loss Alarm. SensO2 Oxygen System (SensO2 Model) Low Flow Alarm. 
  • Cabinet: Impact Resistant flame-retardant plastic cabinet that conforms to UL 94-V0.Regulatory Listing: Double Insulated Product ETL certified complying with UL 1097 ETL certified to CSA C22.2 No. 
  • Placement: No closer than three (3) inches from any wall, furniture, draperies, or similar 
  • Tubing: 7 ft. cannula with a maximum 50 ft. of Crush-Proof Tubing (DO NOT pinch).Recommended use: up to 25 ft. high flow tubing with high flow cannula at all flow rates. 
  • Relative Humidity: 20 to 60% 
  • Time of Operation: Up to 24 hours per day.Recommended Storage and Shipping Temperature: -20°F to 150°F (-29°C to 65°C), at 15-95% relative humidity
• Pressure-based system requires no timing adjustments
• Self-diagnostic electronics minimize troubleshooting time
• Quick access door provides easy access to inlet filter, humidifier adapter, and diagnostics display
• Simplified P.M. schedule allows users to replace P.M. components as needed
• One-piece hood is more durable than multi-piece cabinets
• HomeFill compatibility
• Spring-mounted compressor means reduced noise and low vibration, making for a quieter operation
• 5 Year Limited Warranty with no hour limit on the compressor
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