Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill System (#IOH200)

Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill System (#IOH200)
Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill System (#IOH200)
Item #: IOH200

Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen Refill System Product Overview:

The Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen Refill System is a compressor used to allow patients and caregivers to refill portable oxygen cylinders for single patient use and not for bulk cylinder refilling, thus it is perfect for mobile oxygen concentrators and patients who require ambulatory oxygen therapy.

Industry Compliance
The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System has been tested to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as specified by the IEC/EN 60601-1-2. This means that the equipment provides adequate protection against electromagnetic interference in a home healthcare setting and not for the professional healthcare environment.

This means that radio frequency (RF) communications equipment like radios and mobile phones may affect the operation of this particular device. To determine if the oxygen system is affected by interference, turn it off the RF device and see if there are any differences. In any case, the interference is rare. But if present, the device can be relocated or can be connected to another power circuit to fix the problem.

Unlimited Ambulatory Oxygen Supply
The Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen system is an electrochemical system intended for home use to supply pressurized oxygen to fill Invacare oxygen cylinders for ambulatory use. This means that people who use mobile oxygen concentrators. It can also be used to fill oxygen cylinder tanks for ambulatory oxygen therapy. This particular system is designed to be compatible with the Invacare HomeFill oxygen concentrator that comes with an HF2 accessory port. This port comes with fittings that will fit only with the Invacare compressor assembly. Never attempt to use the Invacare HomeFill oxygen system with other brands of oxygen concentrator otherwise you might risk compromising your health. To determine if your current oxygen concentrator is compatible with the HomeFill system, the lower right corner of the oxygen contractor has an appropriate outlet fitting.

The unlimited oxygen supply that this system can supply has an oxygen concentration of more than 90% thus providing optimum oxygen concentration for patients. The machine is also operable 24 hours daily thus you can get a supply of pure oxygen any time of the day. This feature also allows you to breathe continuously from the oxygen concentrator even during nighttime therapy. The minimum operating time of the machine is 30 minutes. This means that the machine should be turned on at least 30 minutes because it can be used to fill the cylinder. Thus, it is important to start early the machine prior to using it to save time.

Lightweight Yet Efficient
With a dimension of 15”H x 20.25” W x 16” D and weight of 33 pounds, the Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen System is lightweight and compact yet effective in refilling tanks. It can fit any small spaces at home and it can even be placed on a small counter. The thing is that this particular oxygen system does not take up too much space inside the house. And since it is lightweight, it can be carried around from one location to the other where oxygen refilling is needed. But if in case it is improbable to transfer it to another location, this oxygen system comes with a 2-meter cannula with 15-meter crush-proof tubing thereby ensuring a good and steady flow of oxygen without any obstructions.

This oxygen system works with a pressure between 14 and 21 PSI. It can provide 3 to 5 liters per minute of Oxygen to the oxygen tank and it can be used to fill both 5 liters and 10 liters of tank within a few minutes. Moreover, the compressor fill operation is only completed as soon as the cylinder reaches the fill pressure of 2000PSI.

Innovative Parts
The Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen System is designed with innovative parts. The oxygen system is comprised of a multistage compressor, control electronics, internal reservoir, inlet fitting, interlocking fill fitting and oxygen concentration sensor.

The most important feature of this particular oxygen system is its indicator lights. There are several indicator lights in this oxygen system that will tell whether your system is working properly or not. For instance, a full green indicator light indicates full charging while a red indicator light with an audible alarm means that the compressor is on yet the cylinder is not filling up. With the indicator lights, it is easy to troubleshoot the device in case problems arise.

Optimum Operation Conditions
The machine is very easy to operate. It is as easy as turning the machine on, waiting for at least 30 minutes, attaching the cylinder, then filling it with oxygen. This particular oxygen system requires several conditions to optimize its operation. It requires an operating temperature between 500F and 950F (100C and 350C) and 20% to 60% non-condensing humidity. This is to discourage the growth of fungi that might affect the quality of oxygen produced by the oxygen system. This device should also be stored in a soot-free and smoke-free unconfined space. Do not place the oxygen system close to any furniture, carpets or curtains as they might impede with the air flow and affect the efficiency in drawing in pure oxygen into the cylinders. If there are no other spaces to put the oxygen system except near curtains and walls, make sure that it is at least three to five inches away to ensure sufficient air flow.

When using the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System, be sure to avoid any sources of ignition such as cigarettes, lighted matches, or anything that produces sparks. Remember that the oxygen is required to ignite fire thus it is crucial to avoid creating any sparks while operating the device.

Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Features & Specifications:

  • Provides an unlimited, refillable oxygen supply
  • Ensures oxygen purity is always greater than 90%
  • Breathe from continuous flow oxygen concentrator at night
  • Multiple cylinder sizes are available
  • Dimensions: 15" H x 20.25" W x 16" D
  • Product Weight: 33 lb.
  • Pressure: 14-21 PSI
  • Oxygen: 0-3 LPM (5 Liters), 0-5 LPM (10 Liter)
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty - 3 Year/5,000 hr. - Internal Components
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