Fisher & Paykels's ICON Auto CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier

Fisher & Paykels's ICON Auto CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier
Fisher & Paykels's ICON Auto CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier

Icon Auto Features:

  • The Fisher & Paykel Auto Adjusting Alogorithm provides added pressure when it is needed to meet the changing demands of the upper airway during sleep. The flow-based auto-adjusting algorithm will constantly check for and effectively responds to flow limitation, hypopnea and apneas. When an even is detected, pressures will automatically go up until the obstruction is cleared or the maximum pressure setting is reached. All this is done on a breath by breath basis since sleeping habits can vary daily.
  • Patients commonly arouse from sleep a couple of times throughout the night. During these awake states, many patients are uncomfortable and intolerant of the delivered pressure, particularly those who are new to CPAP and have difficulty returning back to sleep when CPAP pressures are high. This may force them to remove their mask and stop CPAP therapy for the rest night. It is therefore important to provide as much comfort as possible during these awake states to help facilitate the return to sleep.  Fisher and Paykel's SensAwake Technology does this by searching for a pattern of irregular breathing which occurs right before a person awakes. SensAwake„¢ senses this irregularity in flow and promptly reduces the pressure. This treatment can help prevent patients from awakening all together, or if they do awake it aids the transition back to sleep.
  • During a persons natural breathing cycle, the body humidify's the air as it travels through the nasal passages. However, patients on CPAP therapy are working against this natural humidification. The air being blown in from the CPAP Machine comes in much stronger pressures and the body cannot keep up. This causes the nasal passages to become extremely dry. It can create side effects such as congestion, inflamed sinuses, dry eyes, and much more. The F&P ICON ThermoSmart Technology helps alleviate these uncomfortable issues by assuring that, with each breath, you receive high levels of humidification that are maintained throughout the night.

    Fisher & Paykel takes this to a higher level with the optional ThermoSmart Heated Tubing. When patients use standard tubing, the warm air from the humidifier mixes with the cool air in the tube and causes condensation and water build up to occur in the tubing. However, the Heated Tubing has copper coils which conduct heat, and can provide a constant temperature throughout the hose. With this tubing system, all problems of "rain out" are virtually eliminated. Research has shown that patients who use the tubing see an overall improvement in sleep quality.

Impact of a controlled Heated Tube on Overall Sleep Quality

Effect of ThermoSmart on compliance and nasal symptoms

  • The F&P ICON includes many other features to help make CPAP therapy as comfortable and as convenient as possible. Its got an easy to use SmartDial control which uses a press-turn-press approach and is simple enough for even the least tech savvy person. Its sleek design, and built in Alarm clock makes it blend seemlessly into your bedroom environment. Patients can set the built-in alarm clock and music playing ability with the AlarmTunes function. Use the SmartStick Studio software to upload your own songs and have the ICON's alarm start your morning with music.
  • Retrieving compliance data in a timely and efficient manner is crucial to imporving patient outcomes and achieving business success. The F&P ICON provides a range of solutions to suit varied business needs. With InfoSmart, and SmartStick technology, data retrieval becomes even more simple and cost effective. The physical smartStick can be sent via the mail for data download, or the sleep data can be sent electronically via web. It will provide comprehensive reports on AHI, leak and pressure readings.
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