Finger Oximeter

Before the Advent of the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, taking a person's blood oxygen level was not an easy or quick process. Blood had to be drawn from the vein and sent through a series of time consuming tests. For patients that needed immediate surgery or constant oxygen level monitoring this method clearly came up short.

Now, thanks to the efforts of scientists throughout the 20th century, a better technique for measuring blood oxygen concentration exists. The Pulse Oximeter measures the oxygen variations in one's pulse in order to pinpoint their exact blood oxygen level. This technology's portable and non-invasive nature has created several new applications for blood oxygen monitoring.

Perhaps the most important of these new applications is the Finger Oximeter's ability to be used at home alongside oxygen concentrators, to provide oxygen therapy for patients with COPD or other respiratory conditions. Portable Pulse Oximeters (or Travel Oximeters) can be used on airplanes or other high altitudes where oxygen is in shorter supply.

Pulse Oximeters have been commercially available for over 30 years. Here at Venture Respiratory, we supply all of the best brands of Oximeters, and keep our prices lower than the competition. So if you're here looking for the Highest Quality, Cheap Oximeters, you've come to the right place. Take a look at some of the links below to get started on Buying an Oximeter from Venture Respiratory today!

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