CareFusion/AirLife Edith 500 HME, 30/cs (#557056200)

CareFusion/AirLife Edith 500 HME, 30/cs (#557056200)
CareFusion/AirLife Edith 500 HME, 30/cs (#557056200)
Item #: GE-500

The CareFusion Edith 500 HME Specifications:

 Technical data
 Maximum tidal volume (mL)  500  1,000  1,500  1,500  1,000
 Moisture output (mg H2O/L)
 Ã¢€Â¢ Measured at VT (mL)
 321 /301
 301 /291
 31.51 /30.51
 33.511 /32.51
 Moisture loss (mg H2O/L)
 Ã¢€Â¢ Measured at VT (mL)
 5.51 /7.51
 6.01 /7.01
 4.011 /5.01
 Pressure drop (kPa/cmH2O)
 Ã¢€Â¢ At 30 L/min
 Ã¢€Â¢ At 60 L/min


 Dead space (mL)  17
 28  38  90  16
 Weight (g)  6  8  9  20  6
 Ã¢€Â¢ Patient side
 Ã¢€Â¢ Machine side
 22 M/15 F
 15 M
 22 M/15 F
 15 M 
 22 M/15 F
 15 M
 15 F
 22 F
 15 F

1. Measured according to standard ISO 9360:2000. 2. Moisture loss is determined using dry gas (not room air). These products are in conformity with the relevantprovisions of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC, concerning medical devices, Annex I - Essential Requirements. 

Changing frequency:
Change the frequency of Edith HME use after everypatient or every 24 hours, when used continuously onthe same patient.

Edith HMEs are contraindicated in patients producingfulminating, frothy secretions within their airways andlungs. Edith HMEs should not be used on patients withvery small tidal volumes, such as neonates or very smallchildren. They should not be used with active humidifiersor nebulizers.

Edith HMEs intended for artificially ventilated patientsshould be placed between the proximal end of the artificialairway and the Y-piece of the breathing circuit. The EdithTrach should be placed on the tracheostomy tube.

The CareFusion Edith 500 HME Features:

  • Minimal and stable moisture loss over time, helping ensure that patients conserveadequate heat and moisture
  • Low breathing resistance, reducing work of breathing for the patient
  • Low weight, adding to patient comfort and safety
  • Low dead space, helping ensure adequate patient ventilation
  • Latex-free materials, offering safer use with all patients
  • Transparent housing, helping to determine when to replace the HME
  • A wide range of products, meeting various requirements
  • Design compliant with ISO standards, standardizing connector sizing
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