Shiley XLT Tracheostomy Tube, Cuffless, with DIC (#50XLTUD)

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Shiley Extended-Length Tracheostomy Tube, Cuffless, Distal (#50XLTUD) offers the proper fit for patients with unique tracheal fits, such as full/thick necks, as well as those who have tracheal stenosis, malacia or long tracheal anatomies. The flexibility of the Shiley XLT Trach Tubes also add to conform to these types of anatomies.


Shiley XLT Tracheostomy Cuffless Tubes are available in either proximal or distal extensions. Choose XLT Tubes with proximal extension (XLTUP) to accommodate increased skin-to-tracheal-wall distances for patients with a full or thick neck. Or Tubes with distal length extension (XLTUD) for conditions such as tracheal stenosis or malacia.

This Shiley XLT Cuffless Trach Tube Package Includes:

  • 1 Cuffless Extended Length Trach Tube - Distal
  • Disposable Inner Cannula
  • Tarcheostomy Tube Holder
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