Your Nebulizer Machine Checklist

Your Nebulizer Machine Checklist

If you’re thinking about treating your breathing problems with a nebulizer machine, it’s important to understand the different types of respiratory supplies you have to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some common varieties of nebulizers and accessories:

Home Nebulizer Machines: Also called tabletop nebulizers, these models tend to be larger than portable nebulizers and are usually powered by a cord connected to an electrical outlet. These are typically the most affordable nebulizers.

Travel Nebulizer Machines: Made for patients with on-the-go lifestyles, portable nebulizers are more compact (and often more expensive) than their corded counterparts. Portable nebulizers are powered by rechargeable batteries and come with AC or DC adaptors.

Children’s Nebulizer Machines: To make using nebulizers more pleasant for children, nebulizer machines and masks are available in a variety of whimsical designs, from pandas to dragons to fire trucks.

Accessories for Nebulizer Machines: Nebulizer machine accessories include replacement supplies like cups, masks, filters, tubing, and mouthpieces, which are sometimes available in kits for added savings. Additionally, patients preferring travel nebulizers frequently invest in carrying cases for their portable machines.

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